Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I visited this current exhibition thats on till January at the museum and recommend anyone in Perth should do the same


There is some really beautiful work there and I enjoyed reading each artists statement
The love and appreciation they have for wildlife and nature is really something we could all learn alot from.

One of the many artists I admire

I frequent Borders quite alot and treat it more like a library then a store due to my poor student status. Anyway I was looking through the journal New American Paintings and came across some lovely work by an artist called Danielle Rante.


Although I am studying illustration at the moment I really want to experiment more with this sort of art. I find it so beautiful and love the fact that every person can look at it and get something different from it due to its abstract nature. The paper, the shapes, the colours, the marks are all so lovely in my eyes.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sucker for Good Advice

I was reading a great article by the writer Elizabeth Gilbert and I thought this was a nice piece of advice:

"If you've lost your life's true passion (or if you're struggling desperately to find passion in the first place), don't sweat it. Back off for a while. But don't go idle, either. Just try something different, something you don't care about so much. Why not try following mere curiosity, with its humble, roundabout magic? At the very least, it will keep you pleasantly distracted while life sorts itself out. At the very most, your curiosity may surprise you. Before you even realize what's happening, it may have led you safely all the way home."


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Max Ernst

Is amazing

Max Ernst (1891-1976) "Painting is not for me either decorative amusement, or the plastic invention of felt reality; it must be every time: invention, discovery, revelation."All good ideas arrive by chance."

Friday, September 24, 2010

Beautiful words

These beautiful words were written by a women who's life was taken away on 9/11.
To view the amazing memorial site that her family made for her go to www.sweetalicia.org

By Alicia Titus
Written January 4, 1999

Happiness is such an elusive emotion.
One day you're soaring on its wings,
the next you're looking about hoping to catch a glimpse
of its sunny magnificence,
trying to convince yourself it was real
and not just a memory of a fairy tale from childhood.

Over the years my recipe for happiness has changed.
Used to be, all I needed (or thought I needed)
was a knight in shining armor.
Then, it was the King and his kingdom,
next I just needed the kingdom,
I could rule.

What ingredients do I need today?

1) An infinite amount of love to give
and receive freely

2) A purpose, goal, destination,
I'm still working on it.

Those who have known
the greatest happiness
have opened themselves
to the most gut-wrenching sorrow.
It's a gamble, you have to play to win.
Or maybe those who have endured suffering
have a greater respect for joy,
can appreciate it wherever they find it,
the smell of a rose,
the sight of a baby,
an old couple holding hands.
And those who've lived their lives
in a heart numbing cocoon
of sanity, safety, and contentment
don't have the capacity for pure joy.
Or, maybe this is what I tell myself
in order to pick myself up,
dust off, and hop on again.
Back into the battle. -

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Annoying thoughts

To be honest, I haven't been producing as much work as I would like to this year, I've also fallen into extremely bad habits, missing classes, handing in work late, avoiding showing my work to others :(
I think the problem is I've been too self critical and approached my work in a really uptight, tense sort of way.

I read a great quote that a student said their teacher made, something like this
"there should be 10 bad drawings before you produce a good drawing"

This is such a great piece of advice. Everything doesn't have to be a masterpiece, it's really all about experimenting and trying out all kinds of different things.

I think it's also really important to avoid comparing yourself to others constantly, although this can sometimes be a way to help you improve your standard and not become lazy it can also make you loose all confidence in yourself and feel inadequate. I love it when artists support eachother and provide truthful feedback

On a more positive note, my class had their fundraising exhibition last night and we sold nearly every piece, It was such a success and a true team effort! Am so inspired by my classmates. Everyones so supportive of eachother, it's been a nice environment to be around.

Look how many people were there!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

More Bday cards

Here is another small birthday painting, This time for my lovely friend Serena.
I hope she likes it, I haven't given it to her yet :D
I only recently discovered the multi-coloured effect that occurs when you paint with water into the black ink you have already placed on the page.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Birthday Card

So I've been wanting to make personal birthday cards for my friends more often so I'm proud that I actually got two done for once

For beautiful Liru and Gezza who both turned 22 in August

Digital Painting Practice

Well I've been trying to get my head around digital painting so I thought i'd start out simple and do an apple.

I followed this great tutorial by bumskee on conceptart.org

Monday, August 2, 2010

Gustav Klimt

So I'm currently trying to get some concept art happening for my Tafe unit but I feel the open brief has made me constantly question my decisions. Everytime I reached an idea I kept on thinking I could seek out a "better solution." All of this has resulted in no real progress but a large bunch of undeveloped sketches of random concepts. I only have two weeks left to get some really concrete work done or else re-enrolment for me, HA!

Anyway at the moment I have a huge art crush on Mr Gustav Klimt and can't stop looking at his beautiful work! The book Gustav Klimt: Art Nouveau Visionary by Eva Di Stefano is fantastic as it gives really close up detail images of each work.
Judith II